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What differentiates humans from all the other creatures on this planet is our capacity to tell and believe in stories. Don’t we just love a good yarn? That’s why we have books, and films, and TV, and before that there were storytellers that our ancestors listened to whilst sat around a campfire. We also have… Read more »

The Practice of Mindfulness

Finding space is very tricky in a world which is so demanding of our attention. There is a constant pressure to fill our lives with the latest gadget; the driver being ‘you will feel more fulfilled and whole once this is in your possession’. And there probably is a fleeting sense of wholeness as the… Read more »

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is really hip right now. Or at least owning a book on mindfulness, maybe skim reading it, maybe trying out one or two of the practices, DEFINITELY speaking about it at dinner parties – is really hip right now. It’s soooo on trend. But what is it exactly? It’s probably easier to say what… Read more »

Should I stop reading the fake-in news?

A year or so ago, on the advice of a book I was reading at the time, I stopped reading newspapers and listening to the news. There were various reasons to do this including (but not limited to) – it’s depressing, it’s a waste of time because I can’t influence any of it, just the… Read more »

An Antidote to Blue Monday

Thank you Millie Sarin from Sister Talk ALL Fm 96.9 for inviting me onto your drive time show on 10th January. Laughter is the best medicine for the so-called January blues and I can honestly say I had a hoot! If anybody would like to hear the show get in touch and I can send… Read more »

Should we teach our children Yoga?

Should we teach our children yoga? I was asked this question last week and it got me thinking….aren’t children natural yogi’s anyway? So many examples started to flirt around in my mind and here’s a few: If you watch them, they breath beautifully, with soft bellies their diaphragms move up and down in tune with… Read more »

So, what is the point of Yoga, anyway?

I am sat here on my 49th birthday, reflecting on life, the universe and everything and as always happens at these moments, have started to contemplate yoga. It’s kind of a passion, I guess, but these days everybody is passionate about something, especially if they want to sell it to you. More than that, for… Read more »

Best New Year’s Resolution…try Yoga..

IF YOU are looking for a New Year’s resolution, then why not try yoga? Come to think of it, just try something, anything, that is a new experience. Try it once and see if it grabs you, if it doesn’t, try something else. Just do it…go on, have a go. Next best thing – go… Read more »

Mindfulness Meditation in the Supermarket

MANY THANKS to friends at the Cenacle Treatment Centre for dinner last night and some interesting, thought provoking conversation. As you would expect when your dinner companions are made up of a hypnotist, a herbalist, two massage therapists and a homeopathist, the conversation was varied and covered a whole bunch or weird and wonderful topics…. Read more »

A brief history of yoga

Yoga has been practiced for around 6,000 years and originated in the Indus Valley region situated in Northern India spanning from Afghanistan in the west to Lahore in Pakistan to the north, and down as far as the Arabian Sea in the south.  This area is widely believed to be the cradle of civilisation. Yoga is… Read more »