In the end, all that matters really is the transformation of consciousness. From being a victim of the past and future, to being a citizen of the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle talks about the collective insanity of the human race, and the early flowerings into a higher consciousness – the early Indian sages, Jesus, Buddha, are just a few examples. I am sure that there are many more lost to history. There are also a lot of commentaries on the Christian Bible from a wisdom perspective; quite the opposite of the literal interpretations which tend to have a louder voice.

Love Island or Love Silence?

In the world right now there are two horses running, the large group who are unconscious (watch the Ten O’Clock News or Love Island, to get a snap shot), and those emerging into a different consciousness. Perhaps their voice is not as loud, but it is important to see that All are whole, enlightened, its just that some are less aware than others, clouded by the ‘collective insanity’ which Tolle describes.

From a wisdom perspective, I have been musing on some of the hidden messages found in the Bible and have been contemplating whether the instructions to reach a higher consciousness are contained in the Lord’s Prayer? This is something I have been pondering for some time.

Cast down your nets

Considering Jesus as a wisdom teacher, there are a lot of messages which can be taken literally or from a perspective of higher consciousness. Like when the fishermen are encouraged to cast down their nets and become fishers of men. This makes perfect literal sense, but from a wisdom perspective, are the nets a metaphor for the psychological nets that we are trapped in – fear, anger, anxiety, desire etc etc – cast away these nets and we become liberated. We are already whole, perfect, it’s just that we carry such burdens around all the time. ‘Letting go’ is a lifetime’s practice.

Instructions to reach a higher level of consciousness

Read the Lord’s prayer a few times. Take months, years even, there is no rush. This is what happened when I did, line by line:

The first line – Our Father which art in Heavenacknowledges a higher consciousness,

The Divine,

Which is honoured.

This higher consciousness will open to me and everyone who allows it

As ignorance is swept away

And the consciousness of the whole of humanity can be raised.

It feeds me physically and mentally, as its nature passes through me,

And this same awareness allows past and future actions to be forgiven, so we need not dwell on them.

And we need not judge others.

It gives strength to control the senses – the desires and distractions

And if we have allowed earthly desires to take hold and distract us, it brings us back into consciousness

So that we can be freed from the bondage of suffering

Amen / AUM


Perhaps the meaning of life is to transform our consciousness, and when we do so we discover there is no meaning – we simply go beyond conceptual thought and acknowledge the great mystery that is beyond shape or form. Before enlightenment we chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment…. we chop wood and carry water.

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